Protect your know-how, data and intellectual property from cyber espionage

The last few months have been dense in cyber news, with ransomware attacks and revelations of espionage cases. Let’s take advantage of these increasingly dense and recurring news stories to revisit the attack process, either directly or through the outsourcing chain, while reminding you of good practices to secure your systems. How does an espionage […]

Covid-19 & Cybersecurity : How to safeguard your data with remote workers

Remote Workers Covid 19

Hackers and attackers feed on our fears. Anything that escalates our anxiety is their weapon, which is what makes the current pandemic of COVID-19 prime time for cybercriminals to try and trick people into giving their money to the wrong people. In one such instance, cybercriminals have been found exploiting the Coronavirus condition to distribute […]

What does a holistic cybersecurity strategy look like?

Holistic Strategy in a Company

IT and advanced technologies are no longer solely responsible for the security of our digital assets. In fact, cybersecurity needs a powerful strategy that involves technology, people and processes. As Internet users thrive in emerging economies, the problems of misinformation and cyberattack faced by “cyber advantaged” countries will be felt around the world. The difference […]

Why IoT could be our greatest cybersecurity risk

The Internet of Things offers us new ways to build potential value and offer it without human intervention. The seeming boon of the IoT is also its greatest risk. With over 26 billion devices projected to form part of the IoT in 2020, we face an urgent risk. The IoT is different from traditional computers […]