Anti-virus or EDR? understanding the differences and their advantages

Protecting your company with an antivirus or an EDR? Not a trivial question. Faced with the complexity and increase in attacks, it is essential to have the means to secure the information system of each company. Antivirus protection is essential. Endpoint Detection and Response and antivirus are part of this arsenal, necessary for every company. […]

Cybersecurity for SMBs: How to protect yourself effectively?

Cybersecurity concerns both large structures and SMEs. Small companies sometimes make the mistake of underestimating the risk, yet the effects of a cyber attack can seriously impact these sometimes fragile structures, as seen in our previous article. When we know that an employee of a small business is 350% more likely to suffer from social […]

XDR vs EDR : understanding the differences and their advantages

We hear about these new technologies every day, but are we really aware of their differences and complementarities? In short, what are we talking about? The strenghts and benefits of an EDR XDR: “to infinity and beyond”! Why choose TEHTRIS solutions? Huge capacities for complete protection. Interest of the XDR technology The strengths and benefits […]


People with Mask

Our country and our world are shaken by the current health and economic crisis. In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Cedric O, Secretary of State in charge of Digital Affairs within the French government, has launched a call for mobilisation of digital stakeholders. COVID-19: TEHTRIS EDR PROTECT HOSPITALS WORLWIDE TEHTRIS protects hospitals around the […]

eGambit EDR versus WannaCrypt Ransomware

This article will explore eGambit features to fight against massive ransomware attacks WannaCrypt. The reader will discover how Cyber Robots & Artificial Intelligence engines might get stronger than malwares… On May 12, 2017 before noon, the cybersecurity community discovered a massive spread of a new ransomware abusing a well know vulnerability against Microsoft Windows operating […]