How does AI enhance XDR platforms?

A malware powered by Artificial Intelligence is now capable to adapt itself to the targeted infrastructure, by modifying its code and behavior during the attack. And no human intervention is needed to make these changes. AI is profoundly changing cyberattacks. Malware, bots, phishing, ransomware… all types of threats can now be amplified by AI, enabling […]

CYBERIA, on the front lines of the artificial intelligence war

The number of organizations adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has increased by more than 270% since 2015 according to Gartner. This technology represents an opportunity to address today’s economic, social and security challenges, but also an opportunity for cyber attackers who see the attack surface of their targets increase attack surface, and who can appropriate AI […]

Why is AI via UEBA transforming cybersecurity?

With the explosion of increasingly fast and complex attacks, defenders must be more resourceful in implementing the countermeasures necessary to fight back, but which ones? One possible answer lies in user behavioral analysis tools. Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and XDR are tools based on artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis. UBA for “User Behavior Analytics“, […]

Cyber or not cyber ?

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