The expertise of the founders has been recognized since 1995 within major organizations, companies and national and international entities.
Their mastery of attack techniques and methods (hackers, strategic intelligence, IT warfare, etc.) led them to create the company TEHTRIS.

It is in this context of a real need for a high level of cyber defense that TEHTRIS created in 2012 its arsenal eGambit, called TEHTRIS XDR Platform in 2019, in order to monitor and protect all the means involved, anticipating today the offensive weapons of tomorrow.

We commit to fighting by your side, with the support of all the driving forces that make up our company : Research & Development, SOC operational experts, consultants, teachers and all the internal support components associated with management.

Éléna Poincet

Éléna POINCET was an operational expert in the management and leadership of specialized teams for the Ministry of the Armed Forces. In 2010, she co-founded TEHTRIS, a company specializing in the fight against cyberspying and cybersabotage. In 2012, she initiated the creation of the cyber defense solution called eGambit which turned into TEHTRIS XDR Platform in 2019. She is co-founder and co-organizer of the HACK-IT-N cybersecurity conference. She naturally holds the position of Operations Director through her technological and operational experience for more than 30 years.

Laurent Oudot

Laurent OUDOT is a senior international cybersecurity expert, co-founder and technical director of TEHTRIS. He studied at the Polytechnic School as part of the Executive Master. For more than 20 years, his technical skills were used in very sensitive environments such as the Defense Department of the French Atomic Energy Commission, the Ministry of Defense, the United Nations, etc. He participated in many national commissions, trainings and expertise, within organizations such as ANSSI or for the Prime Minister. He specialized in intrusion testing and the fight against cyberspying. He is the Technical Director of TEHTRIS.


Éléna Poincet

Founder, COO

Élena is the Director of Operations, aka Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TEHTRIS. Her mission is to ensure the creation, implementation and control of operational strategies both nationally and internationally, while anticipating the legal, financial, HR, technical and commercial evolutions. She establishes the link between the technical teams in production and services and the commercial entities. In addition, she is in charge of guiding the accounting, finance, legal, marketing and communication teams.

Occupying a central position within TEHTRIS, Élena fully plays her role of operations manager by adjusting the human and financial means according to the decided strategy. In addition, she defines and addresses the priorities in the development of various projects at the R&D and commercial level.

Laurent Oudot

Founder, CTO

Laurent is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of TEHTRIS. His mission is to manage all activities and internal/external technical resources worldwide, in order to support all projects related to technical production. He ensures the management and maintenance of technical production while adapting strategies to the various situations encountered. Intervening on the methods, quality, safety and the technical environment, Laurent ensures compliance with standards and the legislative framework in the context of associated operations. He coordinates the work of all the teams in order to fully optimize their capacities.

Laurent is also in charge of TEHTRIS' innovative projects. Through his research and development programs, he observes and consults with the commercial, legal, and technical teams in order to set up the design of new products and services.

Marie Le Pargneux


Marie joined TEHTRIS in early 2020 as Chief Development Officer (CDO).  She graduated with an Executive Master from the Ecole Polytechnique and has a PhD in Management Sciences. Marie worked for more than 10 years with executives on business models as well as organizational, managerial and technological transformation issues.

Her goal at TEHTRIS is to help find the best cyber defense solution for every type of organization. Accompanying the growth of TEHTRIS, Marie’s role in the development of the business is also contributing to cyberpeace in the world and job creation in France and elsewhere.