The founders’ expertise has been recognized since 1995 within major organizations, companies and national or international entities.
Our mastery of attack techniques and methods (hackers, strategic intelligence, IT warfare, etc.) led us to create our company TEHTRIS.

It’s in this context of a real need for high technicality of cyber defense that TEHTRIS created in 2012 its cyber defensive arsenal eGambit, in order to monitor and protect all the means involved, anticipating today the offensive weapons of tomorrow.

At your side, it’s our commitment and our fight, cultivated by all the driving forces that make up our company: Research & Development, SOC operational experts, consultants, teachers and all the internal support components associated with the Management.


Founder and co-manager
Director of operations

Laurent OUDOT


Elena POINCET was an operational expert in the management and leadership of specialized teams for the Ministry of the Armed Forces. In 2010, she co-founded TEHTRIS, a company specializing in the fight against cyberspying and cybersabotage. In 2012, she initiated the creation of the cyber defense solution called eGambit. She is co-founder and co-organizer of the HACKITN cybersecurity conference. She naturally holds the position of Operations Director through her technological and operational experience for more than 30 years.

Laurent OUDOT is a senior international cybersecurity expert, co-founder and technical director of TEHTRIS. He studied at the Polytechnic School as part of the Executive Master. For more than 20 years, his technical skills were used in very sensitive environments such as the Defense Department of the French Atomic Energy Commission, the Ministry of Defense, the United Nations, etc. He participated in many national commissions, trainings and expertises, within organizations such as ANSSI or for the Prime Minister. He specialized in intrusion testing and fight against cyberspying. He is the Technical Director of TEHTRIS.