TEHTRIS CTI is a shared knowledge base of computer threats updated automatically and regularly from various sources.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

In cybersecurity, knowledge is at the center of all approaches. Being able to anticipate threats, assess the current situation of an information system, determine the best solutions and strategies: all of this is only possible with regard to our knowledge of the dangers hanging over the cyber world.

Aware of this priority, TEHTRIS has developed an extensive threat knowledge base called TEHTRIS CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence). This database has existed since 2014 and has undergone multiple technical developments to follow or anticipate new attacks.

TEHTRIS CTI has a particularity: its integration is totally native to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform and all our tools (EDR, EPP, SIEM, etc.) are thus immediately and systematically linked to it.

Therefore, TEHTRIS CTI is not only able to enrich your cyber defensive arsenal to provide Forensic analysis, hunting and investigation capabilities, but also feed on the information shared between TEHTRIS client environments and various external knowledge bases.

TEHTRIS CTI offers you a broad vision of threats that is continuously being updated to build a cybersecurity solution that is both robust and relevant.

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TEHTRIS goes further than other solutions, since active defense systems can be configured to respond autonomously, 24/7 to an attack, even unknown, following predetermined criteria and policies, from the lifting of the alert, through the analysis from the CTI, to the immediate and automatic neutralization.


TEHTRIS CTI is enriched with knowledge bases on both internal (reported by TEHTRIS products) and external threats, which greatly improves the scope and relevance of its analysis capabilities.


To ensure the insight of your cybersecurity data, TEHTRIS CTI’s threat knowledge bases are continuously and automatically updated.


TEHTRIS CTI is fully and natively integrated with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform with tools like SOAR, Hunting, Compliance, Incident Management, etc.


TEHTRIS CTI runs on appliances using TEHTRIX distribution with full disk encryption and advanced protection mechanisms such as RBAC in the kernel and 0-day protection.



A trademark of TEHTRIS, we also work with our customers and partners, in Open Innovation oriented processes, where we are learning from technical and organizational feedback, in order to always provide the best possible service.


Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

When it comes to  cybersecurity, the ability to orchestrate a quick and efficient response to cyber events is a fundamental issue. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use particularly powerful automation and artificial intelligence. This is what TEHTRIS offers you with its SOAR integrated to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

Discover our way to create hyper automation!


MITRE ATT&CK is a knowledge base with a modeling of the behavior of a cyberattacker, illustrating all phases of a cyberattack’s life cycle in relation to targeted platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, mobile devices and so on.

Find out how TEHTRIS is compliant with MITRE ATT&CK

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Some figures

1 st French solution

deployed on Google VirusTotal with a Deep Learning engine

+ 0 Million

threats available thanks to TEHTRIS CTI

999 minute

for an automatic update
of the threat database


Can we dream of a fully automated XDR Platform? Yes, we can!

Can we dream of a fully automated XDR Platform? Yes, we can! XDR platforms are our response to the increasing sophistication of the tools and tactics cyber attackers use, that render anti-virus programs and other traditional cybersecurity solutions helpless. XDR makes a case for a more holistic cybersecurity approach that

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