TEHTRIS SOC monitors and analyzes alerts that are uploaded to the unified TEHTRIS XDR Platform console by the various TEHTRIS products. SOC analysts are able to use these alerts and the optimization of the platform to perform advanced investigations. In the event of a security incident or removal of doubts, detailed incident tickets are sent through the unified console to support the customer in the management of its cybersecurity.

Identification and qualification of incidents

Collection and storage of security evidence

Sending secure notifications


TEHTRIS SOC accompanies the customer throughout his contract in order to improve the user experience. It will bring the necessary elements during the deployment of TEHTRIS solutions and will ensure the proper deployment and continuity of services throughout the contract. He will be able to propose to the customer product configuration improvements adapted to his fleet in order to ensure an optimal detection and remediation coverage. TEHTRIS SOC is listening to the customer in order to take into account his requests and to answer them as soon as possible.
A dedicated line and a monthly report allow to support the follow-up of the project and the incidents.


TEHTRIS SOC is helping to improve the user experience of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform by forwarding bug fixes and feature requests to the R&D team. It will also listen carefully to the customer’s feedback in order to transmit it to the teams so that a study can be carried out. Based on data from the customer base and customer requests, the team builds and maintains dashboards to highlight essential information for the customer.


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