About us

Who are we ?

TEHTRIS is a French company founded in 2010, specialized in cutting-edge IT security technologies. Our consultants know, understand and master the techniques and methods of attackers: hackers, business intelligence, computer warfare, etc, as well as the resources needed to counter the current threats.

The team at TEHTRIS has more than 15 years of experience in sensitive environments or crisis situations worldwide. We can therefore ensure efficiency, discretion, trust and above all confidentiality, for all the specific requirements or standards of your protection.


We shared our knowledge at many IT Security events worldwide.
- North America: Cansecwest (Canada/Vancouver), Black Hat USA (USA/Las Vegas and Washington DC), Defcon (USA/Las Vegas), HOPE (USA/New York), Honeynet Project (USA/Chicago)
- Europe: HITB (NL/Amsterdam), Black Hat Europe (NL/Amsterdam), Hack.LU (Luxembourg), PH-Neutral (DE/Berlin), FOSDEM (BE/Bruxelles)
- Asia: HITB (Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur), SyScan (Singapore), SyScan (China/Hangzhou), Black Hat Asia (Singapore), Pacsec (Japan/Tokyo)

0days and vulnerabilities

We found many 0days in devices and applications such as: iPhone, iPad, MacOSX, BlackBerry, Intel McAfee MDM, Microsoft, Allen-Bradley, Citrix, Cisco, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Vormetric, Alfresco, etc.


You can find many articles about us in the press. Here are related samples.