Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses frequently work with sensitive personal data and financial or proprietary information. But their means to fight against strong cyberthreats are usually limited to basic solutions such as antivirus, firewalls and updates. New threats, like ransomwares, created huge issues against smaller companies.

eGambit for Small and Medium Businesses

Our product, eGambit is able to help against advanced offensive activities. With eGambit deployed in Small and Medium Businesses, it adds a new layer of security against ransomware attacks, Windows intrusions, known and unknown viruses, or even data breaches against sensitive data stored on these businesses.

eGambit is easy to deploy for VSB and SMB, as it is proposed through a cloud-based solution. Just deploy eGambit agents and remain safe.


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