Cyber Security Incident Response Team


TEHTRIS is providing the ability to assist eGambit customers in incident management (MSSP eGambit, Service). TEHTRIS experts will provide assistance and will cover the following tasks:

  • Investigating whether indeed an incident occured
  • Determining the extent of the incident.
  • Determining the initial cause of the incident (vulnerability exploited)
  • Facilitating contact with other sites which may be involved
  • Facilitating contact with appropriate law enforcement officials, if necessary
  • Making reports to other CSIRTs
  • Composing announcements to users, if applicable
  • Providing action plan to remove the vulnerability and supporting local administrators to perform the action plan
  • Providing action plan and support to help securing the system from the effects of the incident
  • Evaluating whether certain actions are likely to reap results in proportion to their cost and risk
  • Providing action plan and support to collect any evidence after the fact in order to be used in criminal prosecution or any disciplinary action

The official RFC2350 CSIRT-TEHTRIS document is available here RFC2350_CSIRT-TEHTRIS_en.pdf .


Short name: CERT-TEHTRIS

Long name: CERT TEHTRI-Security eGambit

Address: 13-15 rue Taitbout, 75009, PARIS, FRANCE

Phone: +33 (0) 9-72-50-80-33 [ input are filtered, but messages are monitored ]

Mail : cert (at) tehtris (dot) com

PGP/GPG ID : 8F281158

PGP/GPG public key : 1416 56B6 2D67 55E9 2018 5BA7 BDE8 A13A 8F28 1158