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Consolidate all your security tools into one open platform !

Tenfold visibility, intelligent investigations
TEHTRIS XDR Platform allows you to view all your security tools through a single dashboard. You control all the vectors that attackers can activate. Our artificial intelligence CYBERIA consolidates alerts to eliminate false positives and assist analysts.

Embedded with TEHTRIS SOAR (Security Orchestration And Response), the TEHTRIS XDR Platform is modular and can be deployed in less than an hour, to protect your systems, networks and Cloud workloads.

In Machine Learning mode, monitoring of TEHTRIS XDR components by our CYBERIA AI engine allows to recognize abnormal behaviors, which simplifies the hunting work in large heterogeneous and distributed infrastructures.

TEHTRIS XDR provides both detection and response by distinguishing legitimate actions from threats, thanks to a technical unification through an integrated SOAR. It uses the captured surveillance information to respond to an attack, for example by neutralizing a threat, or by providing useful enrichment to analysts.

The platform is developed in France on the basis of completely new code. Choose a solution without backdoors, whose “Security & Ethics by design” guarantees the confidentiality of the data it analyzes.