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Service providers


Supply Chain companies contribute or manufacture components and offer services used by final customers in various sectors of activity (industry, commerce, transport, retail trade, finance, etc.). The final customers often receive the elements and results on a just-in-time basis, in order to avoid having fixed stocks and to optimize their need for working capital. The Supply companies are generally specialists in a market segment, often high-tech with a unique know-how.

Pictogramme : Fournisseurs de service

Types of threats

TEHTRIS protects the supply chain sector

With the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, the attacker can be detected and stopped before the malicious payload is deployed. They are blocked before implementation of offensive capabilities leading to the modification of the production line.

For known threats, our products can detect the binary before it is executed.  For unknown threats, our products are capable of detecting them as soon as they are executed and stop them at their first symptoms.

In addition, the SOC of TEHTRIS offers an expert view of the events that occur on the monitored information systems.

Cyber or not cyber ?

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