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Retail companies are undergoing major competition from foreign e-commerce players as the digital market keeps growing. They revolutionize logistics concepts by offering next-day delivery, in-stock guarantee and a wide range of products, while better understanding customers’ behavior and experience throughout the entire purchasing cycle.

In addition to these direct value contributions, there is also the need to protect customer information that impacts their privacy (GDPR) and payment data (PCI-DSS).

Retail companies have invested heavily in customer flow monitoring, logistics and payment tools. Despite everything, they are still dependent on their intrinsic resilience, their level of cyber protection and the associated technological debt (obsolescence).

Pictogramme : Devanture d'un commerce ou d'un magasin

Types of threats

TEHTRIS protects the retail sector

In the case of ransomware, the TEHTRIS XDR Platform makes it possible to detect the binary before its execution if it is a known threat or to detect it as soon as it is executed if it is an unknown threat; and to stop it at its first symptoms.

The TEHTRIS XDR Platform allows you to detect site vulnerabilities and configuration errors. Our platform can detect an intrusion during the different stages of an attack. TEHTRIS experts can also perform intrusion tests before moving into production.

Cyber or not cyber ?

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