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Our mission

As an internal Computer Emergency Response (CERT)* team, TEHTRIS-CERT provides assistance to resolve cybersecurity incidents on its own stock of computing equipment. On the other hand, TEHTRIS-CERT’s core mission is to collect cyber knowledge about threats and actors, and to share valuable information within its community.

Focus on the importance of the Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is knowledge and experience-based information concerning the occurrence and assessment of both cyber threats and threat actors, that is intended to help mitigate attacks in cyberspace. TEHTRIS-CERT proactively gathers, analyzes, and communicates on relevant CTI in order to prepare for emerging cybercriminal tendencies. As a software editor, TEHTRIS collects relevant information from diverse external sources. TEHTRIS-CERT is in charge of collecting data from honeypots and sensors deployed all around the globe to study cyberthreats and elaborate trends. Furthermore, TEHTRIS-CERT have Indicators of Comprise (IoCs) at its disposal from TEHTRIS solutions, that contributes to extensive research regarding malwares. TEHTRIS-CERT interacts with other CERT/CSIRT as well as cybersecurity organizations to both contribute to and benefit from the exchange of cybersecurity knowledge on the mission to make cyberspace a safer place.

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Do you need more information?

Phone: +33 (0) 9-72-43-07-64
Mail: cert@tehtris.com

TEHTRIS-CERT is using the following PGP key for its email exchanges:
ID: 749D 7D58 DFB4 2A70
Fingerprint: 3750 DAA0 F867 4B2B 1FBC 0385 749D 7D58 DFB4 2A70


* CERT trademark belongs to Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, all rights reserved.

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