Cyber Security Institute


TEHTRIS has launched many objectives with regard to technical innovations, growth, recruitment and training. Cybersecurity is a fast-moving sector, strongly linked to new technologies, and cyber threats are becoming ever more sophisticated. This is the world that is increasingly attracting young graduates in the field of information technology who are eager to take up new challenges and master cyber defence techniques.


Over the past two years, TEHTRIS has grown by +250% on recruitment. We are recruiting analysts to arm our SOC (Security Operations Center). The R&D department builds the eGambit defensive weapons that are deployed at our customers’ sites, but then pilots are needed to conduct defensive wars remotely: detection of espionage services, removal of stealth backdoors, etc. In order to ensure that new recruits are reactive and operational, TEHTRIS’ Cyber Security Institute (CSI) has been created. The CSI is setting up a program to train analysts who will use the cyber defensive arsenal eGambit, so that they are able to monitor and manage all types of security incidents for our customers.

Several programs will help us achieve all our training objectives. In particular, a first 4-week course is made up of different modules. It allows to acquire essential knowledge in cybersecurity and methodologies for research, recognition and remediation of recognized attacks by our customers.

These training courses can be used by our customers and eGambit partners (SOC training on our products) with adapted modules. These programs are intended both for experienced technicians seeking further training and SOC integration, as well as for a non-expert audience.

For TEHTRIS, raising awareness of cyber risks is the first weapon in the fight against modern attacks (ransomware, phishing, spoofing…): necessary but not sufficient because effective tools are also needed. The successful combination.