Tehtris protects each business sector

Cybersecurity is a cross-business issue and is critical to both all departments of private and public companies (administration, sales, management, accounting, human resources, etc.).

solutions for LARGE COMPANIES

The TEHTRIS XDR Platform tackles advanced offensive activities that focus on large infrastructures (spying and digital sabotage, stealth operations, internal and external intrusions). The TEHTRIS  XDR Platform has been designed and approved to adapt to large infrastructures, thanks to many advanced technical features. When our devices are deployed, all computer activities are monitored, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no impact on the day-to-day operation of the underlying infrastructure. Our cyber defense arsenal analyzes applications, network flows, systems and reports alerts to the cyber security operational center. It can immediately neutralize threats including malware, spy tools, ransomwares, etc.


Small and medium-sized businesses frequently handle sensitive personal data and confidential financial information. However, they are often poorly protected and cyber crime is estimated to cost them millions of euros a year. Their defenses against cyber threats are often limited to basic solutions: antivirus, firewalls and application updates . Unfortunately, these solutions are no longer sufficient to counter new and increasingly sophisticated computer threats. Attacks such as ransomware, intrusions into Windows systems, known/unknown viruses and information leaks via databases thefts are recurring threats in small and medium-sized businesses. They can have significant consequences for companies, including loss of data, human damage, drop in turnover and impact on notoriety.

TEHTRIS XDR Platform is designed to be easy to deploy in SMBs and micro businesses, thanks to an innovative cloud-based solution as well as effective security policies.


TEHTRIS has a high flexibility to adapt to various workstations, databases and servers and offers customized solutions that can be altered to the needs of each customer.  The TEHTRIS XDR Platform has already been chosen by several international companies thanks to its efficiency and agility.