eGambit ZONE

Protection at the heart of the local network

eGambit ZONE and its honeypots simulate fake devices and services to deceive intruders who believe they are attacking real assests so that they directly reveal their presence. Honeypots automatically alert and record attacks in video-like streams.

An inventory of the site’s equipment on the local area networks, is built up using active techniques by talking to the customer’s switches and also passive techniques by listening to the flows on the network.

Statistics for large infrastructures indicate an average of around 200 days before detecting an intruder. With our honeypots, if a foreign scan is detected, an alarm is raised in the eGambit console which drastically reduces the detection time. Thanks to our algorithms and TEHTRIS expertise, attacks are distinguished from legitimate traffic without additional work for SOC teams.


Pictogramme stockage blanc

Assets inventory

Pictogramme bouclier blanc

Passive detections


  • Appliance on-premise, strategically placed at the customer’s site
  • Possibility to observe the orders executed in video format
  • Possibility to modify the VLANs to be monitored upon request

Compliant with GDPR regulations

Since its creation, TEHTRIS has taken into account, from the very beginning, the protection of all data processed in order to ensure the security of the information systems entrusted to it, from the time of development and each time its eGambit arsenal is improved. Security and privacy by design measures are used for each step of data processing, from the collection of data in your infrastructure to its destruction on our Appliances.
TEHTRIS applies the same principles of security and privacy by design in each of its eGambit Solutions in order to protect the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your data.