eGambit MOBI

Protects the company's fleet

The eGambit MOBI application protects the customer’s fleet of smartphones, tablets, chromebooks and TVs where it is deployed. This service is managed from a centralized console where a global vision of the safety of the mobile fleet is available for the customer. This cloud solution can be implemented with or without the client’s MDM technology.

The eGambit MOBI application is compatible from Android 4 (Jelly Bean, API level 16). Deployment is automatically possible via the customer’s Mobile Device Management (MDM).

The eGambit MOBI scans local applications as soon as they are installed and updated downto an Android. Application control (monitoring and alerts) is performed directly from the eGambit console for the customer’s operational teams and from the device by the end user. The eGambit console is the customer’s device management and monitoring center with the eGambit MOBI application. It provides a quick overview in particular of: the alerts sent by the application, their criticality level, the IP address of the device concerned, the number of malware-type applications present on the devices, the latest security patch for each device, etc.

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Scan of applications

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Detection of security incidents

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Global vision of devices security

Free version for individuals

To protect your personal devices (smartphones, tablets) TEHTRIS has created a free version to download on Android for individuals.

Compliant with GDPR regulations

Since its creation, TEHTRIS has taken into account, from the very beginning, the protection of all data processed in order to ensure the security of the information systems entrusted to it, from the time of development and each time its eGambit arsenal is improved. Security and privacy by design measures are used for each step of data processing, from the collection of data in your infrastructure to its destruction on our Appliances.
TEHTRIS applies the same principles of security and privacy by design in each of its eGambit Solutions in order to protect the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your data.