eGambit Overview

Your defensive cyber weapon system

eGambit is a product that can monitor and improve your IT Security against complex threats like cyber-spy or cyber-sabotage activities. This product is realized by the TEHTRI-Security company in FRANCE. It is fully designed and developed near Bordeaux, and Paris as well. Created in 2012, the eGambit product has already helped companies in China, Brazil, USA and Europe against internal and external cyber threats.

In 4 years eGambit has already caught billions of events related to security issues worldwide, thanks to the tremendous skills and motivation of expert Consultants working on the project with a real Ethical Hacking spirit. 100% of the source code is within TEHTRIS’ hands, and it was designed with extended security features. eGambit is your defensive cyber-weapon system.

Some eGambit features

  • Assets Inventory: know your infrastructure, find rogue devices, etc
  • Audits: use active and passive audits features for security assessment
  • NIDS: Network Intrusion Detection System
  • SIEM: Centralize your logs, and use a correlation engine
  • Endpoint Security: Protect your Endpoints (stations and servers)
  • Honeypots: Detect advanced hackers
  • Forensics: Incident Management
  • Threat Intelligence: Powerfull database
  • Artificial Intelligence: When signatures are not enough
  • Unified Console: All-in-one security infrastructure

eGambit PDF

eGambitProduct and ServicesGlobal introduction about the eGambit product and services.
Monitoring SecurityUnified Web FrontendSome features proposed with eGambit web frontend to monitor your IT Security