False Positive/Negative requests

Contact us to submit potential false positive or false negative issues

Read this first / Advices
- If we detect fake or illegal or incomplete information/requests, or liars, then your request will be automatically discarded or strongly postponed, and you might not get any answer from us.
- Your SHA256 list will be checked by our support team on VirusTotal web site, meaning that unknown hashes on VT would be considered as an incomplete request.
- If we detect automatic texts claiming that there is a false positive issue, with wrong explanations of people asking to download stuff, or phishing, etc, then this will be automatically discarded too: no time-wasters.
- We might need hours to weeks in order to answer, especially if your program looks weird like potentially unwanted programs, fake programs, things like adwares stuff, strange packages of known products, complex packers with strange behaviors, hidden backdoors, etc.
- Please remain friendly through your emails or through social networks as we prefer to co-work with peaceful people.
Thanks for contacting us, and now let's tell us how we might be helpful:

Your Full Name
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The object of your requestFalse positive
False negative
Your Explanations
example: Hello, I have a problem with some files and
here are my detailed explanations so that you can
understand everything and change the situation...
Your VirusTotal Score
example: 2/65 (or average for multiple issues)
Have you signed your product ?
(e.g. Windows Authenticode)
Unsigned ?
Signed ?
Your Product name
What is the name of your product for further checks ?
Your Product webpage
What is the official direct web page of this product ?
Your Product SHA256 (no MD5) (no SHA1)

Data Privacy
In providing TEHTRIS with your personal data mentioned in this form, you give TEHTRIS your consent to process your personal data for your request management and correspondence purposes. TEHTRIS is committed to limit your personal data access only to TEHTRIS’ IT Department. TEHTRIS uses a subcontractor, ZENDESK for the request form management. The technical request response is processing by TEHTRIS’ IT experts. TEHTRIS will store your personal data for the time necessary to reply to your request. These personal data will be stored for a retention period of 6 months after the last contact with you. You may withdraw consent at any time and exercise your data subject’s rights by contact TEHTRIS’ Data Privacy Officer in the “Contact us” section.